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Our VerdictsMr. Iovinelli Obtains a Directed Verdict

December 4, 2014

In the Circuit Court of Cook County, Mr. Iovinelli defended Samantha Mondro in a lawsuit for personal injury filed by Brian Murphy. Mr. Murphy sued not only Ms. Mondro, but also Mr. Abuatelah. Mr. Murphy contended that while he was stopped for a traffic light on Lake Shore Drive, Ms. Mondro and Mr. Abuatelah stuck the rear of his vehicle. Mr. Murphy alleged that as a result of the careless driving of Ms. Mondro and Mr. Abuatelah, he injured his shoulder, neck, and back. The case went to jury trial on December 2, 2014. All parties and witnesses testified to the jury how the accident happened and Mr. Murphy testified to the seriousness and extent of his injuries. After all the parties had presented their cases to the jury but before deliberations, Mr. Iovinelli moved the trial judge to enter a verdict for Ms. Mondro because, based on the evidence, no reasonable jury could find her responsible for the accident. The court granted Mr. Iovinelli’s motion and entered judgement for Ms. Mondro as a matter of law. Beverly and Pause congratulates Mr. Iovinelli for his outstanding work on behalf of Ms. Mondro.