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About Beverly & Pause

About Beverly & Pause

Founded in 1918, Beverly and Pause has concentrated on tort and insurance litigation. We have been privileged to represent individuals, self-insured companies, insurance companies, and their policy holders throughout Illinois in State and Federal trial and appellate courts.

Our practice areas include passenger automobile, commercial vehicle, premises, construction, environmental, and insurance coverage litigation.

We also help clients avoid litigation and reduce costs with counseling and investigation services.

As a client, you should expect a caring and honest relationship with your attorney. You should expect prompt service provided in a skillful and courteous manner. When you entrust your legal affairs to us, your matter will be assigned to one attorney who will be responsible for it until its disposition.

Our attorneys expect to try jury cases to verdict and to prosecute or defend appeals. We have a proven record of minimizing costs to our clients while vigorously protecting them and their rights. We pride ourselves on our reputation for obtaining results for our clients. We also recognize that litigation can be costly and time consuming. We can help you avoid litigation costs with a thorough and rapid investigation of a matter before it reaches court.

To give our clients the best possible representation and counsel, in or out of the courthouse, our attorneys recognize that the law is ever changing.

The only way to meet this challenge is education. Accordingly, all our attorneys are constantly watching the ever changing legal landscape through not only professional societies and Illinois Supreme Court Mandatory Continuing Legal Education, but also a demanding in-house curricula of training and study. In this way, our clients know that they can depend on the skill and judgment of their attorney.

30 N. LaSalle Street Suite 1530 Chicago, Illinois 60602