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Our VerdictsDRI Recognizes Mr. DiPino’s Wrongful Death Verdict

August 19, 2014

Joseph P. DiPino of Beverly & Pause in Chicago tried an auto-ped death case in the Circuit Court of Cook County from May 5, 2014 to May 12, 2014. The case was Margo Bristow, Special Administrator of the Estate of Pauline Squire, deceased v. Georgiy Bolotin, 11L10466.
The case arose from an incident of October 22, 2007, at about 6:30 pm under dark skies and rainy weather. The decedent, age 81, had been visiting her girlfriend’s weekly card game at 3819 Howard Ave in Skokie, Illinois. The residence is at a mid-block location. Howard runs east and west and the decedent had parked her car on the north side of Howard while the friend’s residence is on the south side. While proceeding on Howard at 30 mph, about 5 mph under Howard’s 35 mph posted speed limit, Mr. Bolotin struck Pauline Squire as she crossed the street heading to her car. Defendant contended he had no chance to avoid Ms. Squire and that she appeared to be running. The plaintiff contended that at age 81, Ms. Squire could not have been running and that, given her injuries, Mr. Bolotin’s speed exceeded 35 mph. Ms. Squire was pronounced dead at the emergency room about 90 minutes after the incident.
Ms. Squire was survived by four adult children who brought the action under the Illinois Wrongful Death statute. Her estate also claimed damages for under the Illinois Survival statute. Total damages claimed at trial were $2,377,280.70. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
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