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Our VerdictsMr. Stephen’s Verdict of August 25 – 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

This auto case arose from a collision of June 28, 2011. The crash happened at Belmont and Sayre in Chicago. Plaintiff Agnes Supergan and her passenger, Kamil Kulesza, drove southbound on Sayer. Meanwhile, Heather Murasky drove westbound on Belmont. The crash took place in the intersection and both drivers claimed they had the green light. Supergan claimed neck and back injuries and presented approximately $14,000 in medical bills. Kulesza neck and back injuries also and presented approximately $7,200 in medical bills. The parties tried the case before a jury over which Judge Lustig presided in the Daley Center. The jury awarded Supergan $10,441 but reduced her recovery by 50% finding she was half at fault for the accident leaving her a net recovery of $5220. The jury also awarded Kamil only an amount for her medical bills.