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Our VerdictsMr. Srodulski’s Victory

June 20, 2017

Mr. Srodulski defended a State Farm insured in a jury trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The presiding judge was Judge Bartkowicz. The trial lasted several days. The case arose from a minor automobile accident. The plaintiffs alleged that as a result of the accident, they suffered injuries to spinal disks and were at risk of future medical care and treatment. Mr. Srodulski effectively attacked the questionable medical witnesses and showed the jury that the plaintiffs had significant problems with trustworthiness. He also mounted an effective medical defense using objective and credible medical witnesses. The lawyer for the Plaintiffs asked the jury for $190,000. The jury, however, agreed with Mr. Srodulski’s position and returned a verdict of only $8000 total essentially awarding emergency room charges only.